Elm Campus Partners, LLC

Mission: To strengthen communities through our management of inviting public and private spaces, our exceptional customer service, and our financial stewardship.

Elm Campus Partners, LLC is dedicated to helping clients manage their real estate more effectively and efficiently, freeing clients to focus on their core objectives and mission. We view our clients as partners with a shared, long-term goal. It is our responsibility to protect the human, physical, and financial assets of our clients while we work towards those goals. We seek clients whose core values and mission look to the long-term endurance of the assets and their financial success.

Our partnership approach provides superior property management services while saving money for our client. Financial performance is critical to this effort, but we recognize that the measure of our success does not end at the bottom line. Recognizing that top achievement is not possible without the individual successes of many, we work diligently to establish partnerships with third party vendors as well. In particular, we strive to employ smaller, local firms with the skills to successfully complete the tasks assigned but who might not yet have had the opportunity to work at a higher level. Achievement requires the opportunity to prove yourself, and we spend a great deal of time searching for vendor partners who are ready for that chance.

Perhaps our most important partners are the customers choosing our clients' real estate. We never forget that we play a supporting role in their lives. We survey our tenants periodically and continually look for ways to improve their experiences in our properties via policy, procedures, technology, and a friendly voice. We strive to provide our tenants with a professional, supportive environment while also making sure they remain compliant with life-safety and lease obligations.

We also view the communities surrounding our properties as partners standing on common ground. We endeavor to be strong and cooperative neighbors, and we engage our host communities through our professional work and personal connections. We are proud sponsors of civic events and institutions like the New Haven Rock to Rock Earth Day Bike Ride (you've got to try it!), The New Haven Free Public Library, and the International Festival of Arts and Ideas.

For more information about Elm Campus Partners LLC, please contact Andy or Troy.